The White Spaces & Voids Society

The White Spaces and Voids Society (WSVS) is a group of enthusiastic, passionate, and fun-loving visual artists based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We came out with the name with a strong idea and design principle that white spaces and voids is as important as the subject matter itself, and that striking a balance between these two design elements are vital. But that does not necessarily mean that we neglect the subject matter altogether and the core idea of the group. Self-confessed romantic softies, the team believes in preserving memories so that in years to come, you can look back and remember your stories of yesteryear.

Our vision is based on of openness, directness, irreverence, democracy, and a dislike of institutions and pretensions. We believe in being open and stretching the boundaries. Also, it’s not just the quality of an idea; it’s the quality of the execution and the finished work. Though they may not hold distinguished design or art degrees, our creativity and photoshoots have won over the hearts of many – from the whispers, laughter and tears, to the little children walking down the aisle, and more.